Nomination Guidelines

What is a Nomination?

The National Geographic “Go Blue Bay Islands” Geotourism website is designed to give local residents the opportunity to share what is authentic and unique about the Bay Islands with the rest of the world. The way in which National Geographic collects all of those great ideas and suggestions from local residents is through “nominations”. A nomination is simply a way for local residents to describe, in their own words, what they feel represents the distinctive characteristics of their home.


Who Can Make Nominations?

Local residents, businesses and organizations are all invited to nominate points of interest, local businesses and unique experiences for potential inclusion in the Go Blue Bay Islands Geotourism website. 

There are some special considerations for nominating a local business that are described later in this document.

What Can I Nominate?

The Go Blue Bay Islands Geotourism website is designed to highlight authentic and distinctive attractions, businesses, activities, people, and experiences that represent and capture the unique character and beauty of a destination. Specific examples include:

  • Places featuring local cuisine and locally sourced and sustainable culinary products such as traditional markets, shops and restaurants.
  • Remarkable natural areas and features such as coral reefs, forests, beaches and mangroves.
  • Locally owned and family business like unique lodging, cafes and bars, marine recreation and tour operators.
  • Distinctive wildlife habitats and notable species of birds, mammals, flowers, reptiles or trees.
  • Events, ceremonies and festivals that highlight the community’s heritage and traditions.
  • Cultural experiences, indigenous communities, music and performing arts, living culture.
  • Outdoor experiences and sites for diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and fishing.
  • Scenic routes including hiking trails, underwater trails, bike routes, birding trails, boat and sailing tours.
  • Community stewardship projects, protected areas, scientific stations, conservation or restoration initiatives.
  • Artist studios and galleries, craft work shops, shops featuring handmade and sustainable items.
  • Historic places and distinctive local architecture.
  • Local artist or artisan, storyteller, outdoor guide or historian.


Are there Special Considerations for Nominating a Business?


First, only the owner can complete the nomination process for a business.

Second, there are three basic requirements for any business that would like to be listed on the Go Blue Bay Islands Geotourism website, including:

1). Sustainable Tourism Best Practices Training:  Participating businesses and their staff will be asked to participate in an “Sustainable Tourism Best Practices” basic environmental training program that will be offered at no cost to the business. The 1½ hour to 2 hours training session will take place at the participating business prior to the activation of the nomination.

2). Project Signage: Once the Tourism Best Practices Training is completed, businesses will be asked to place a small and attractive signage/sticker that communicates to the public that they are participating in the National Geographic Geotourism Project.  The signage will recognize the business’ efforts to support sustainability, and will also communicate basic “codes of conduct” that visitors and staff can follow to reduce their impact to the environment.

3). Environmental Impact Assessments: Participating businesses allow a Go Blue technical support representative to perform an on-site inspection of the facilities where a series of basic environmental best practices indicators are measured. After the inspection has been completed, a report is provided which contains the results and overall score of the establishment in addition to valuable recommendations and observations to be executed in the short and medium term which will allow the businesses to improve their overall score in a subsequent evaluation.

What if I Don’t Have Access to a Computer?

Those individuals interested in completing the site nomination process, yet don’t have access to a computer, can contact the regional project coordinator for a paper nomination form.

In Roatan, Honduras

Manlio Martinez

(504) 3259-9573