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Utila Beach Cleanup

Community Involvement
Utila Beach Cleanup

Utila Beach Clean began in 2014 with a group of six passionate volunteers hoping to remove large amounts of trash from the Pumpkin Hill beach area. Over two years later Pumpkin Hill is unrecognizable. What was once a sandy trash pile is now a usable beach area which has quickly become popular with beach goers and has seen the triumphant return of nesting turtles! Recognizing the massive changes accomplished in a short period of time, it was time to shift the attention to other areas of Utila.

Our reef and the adjoining beaches are crucial to the ecosystems around Utila, and the well-being of its population. Removing trash from these areas is an crucial necessity, and an important way to have an immediate and lasting impact on Utila.

The beaches that we monitor and continue to clean are Pumpkin Hill, Airport Beach, Big Bite Cove, Don Quickset Beach, Utila Cays, and Little Bight.

Currently, we host “Beach Clean Up Mondays” every week at 8:00am. Volunteers and cleaning supplies are driven to the selected beach to spend a few hours trying to gather as much as possible.

Our mission is to unite a community, to spread plastic pollution awareness, help protect marine life and log the data we collect to influence change to ban single-use plastics and lastly, to bring back healthy and clean beaches for everyone to enjoy!

We have partnered with local NGO’s such as Whale Shark Oceanic Research Center, Iguana Station, Bay Islands Conservation Association, KANAHAU and Think Beyond Plastic (California-based) to help us spread awareness and make it a requirement for their volunteer/interns to support beach clean ups with us.

Join us and experience the incredible feeling that comes from giving back to the Island that has given so much to all of us.

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