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The Emeraldi Club, Oak Ridge, Roatan, Honduras

Guide or Operator
Dory #1 which goes by the name of El Norte. – Manlio Martinez

The Emeraldi Club is a water taxi/boat tour based in Oak Ridge and operated by Emeral Tennyson. He owns two dug-out boats, or dories, as they are locally known. Each dory comes equipped with a two-stroke diesel inboard engine that only runs forward. One of his boats has been uniquely decorated and is literally covered in artwork, mostly bits and pieces left by previous customers, plush toys, maracas, and even old cell phones. They are both full of famous and not-so-famous phrases, song lyrics, not to mention interesting historical facts going back to the times when British buccaneers occupied the island of Roatan.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

This tour is run by a local boat captain, not a tour company. You get the real, local dialect as he explains what a mangrove forest is and how they are important in protecting the coastline. He also mentions how mangroves are the nursing grounds for reef fish and other local species, as well as a resting and fishing place for local and migratory bird species. Emeral also highlights the cultural heritage in Roatan by providing interesting historical facts about the area not to mention highlighting some local points of interest.

Recreational Opportunities Available

He offers a unique excursion that allows you to visit the mangrove forest next to Oak Ridge, on the east side of Roatan. His tour is a one-hour floating experience that takes you from Oak Ridge to Caribe Point, where you spend 15-20 minutes puttering through mangrove canals surrounding the boat in a canopy of green foliage above and turquoise waters below. The tour runs through quaint fishing communities such as Lucy Point, Jonesville, and Blue Rock. Emerald also shuttles people to the Hole in the Wall Restaurant and Point Marina Bar & Grill, both popular restaurants located in Jonesville.

He also provides a snorkeling and a fishing tour, which I have not yet taken.


6:00 am to 5:00 pm

Seasons Open



1-3 passengers, the fee is US$ 15 per person.

4 or more passengers (up to 10), the fee is US$ 10 per person.

10 up special price.

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