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The Bowl, Cordelia Banks, Roatan, Honduras

Diving Area
The Bowl, Cordelia Banks, Roatan, Honduras / "The Bowl", Roatán, Honduras – Giacomo Palavicini

Cordelia’s 17 Km² (11 m) long reef, at about (30ft/9m), is located in very worthwhile diving conditions. Let it be clear, that Roatan is well known for having truly desirable visibility year round, an added bonus which allows for the beauty of this place to be better appreciated.

Cordelia is indeed a special habitat brimming with life with some areas even possessing a 100% live coral cover, an impressive feature to say the least. A strong presence of stony corals such as brain and elkhorn coral merge together with dense lettuce coral creating large rock-like formations which are evenly distributed into parallel ridges all across this shallow reef.

One of Cordelia’s main attractions is the large communities of healthy staghorn coral which stand almost symmetrical on the shallower crests of these coral formations. Their intricate web of branches grow at a fast pace, providing ample refuge within its crevices to a plethora of microorganisms and to a rejuvenating reef-fish population. This unique quality further highlights Cordelia’s biological importance, as these coral species may hold the key to the replenishment of critically depleted fisheries the local artisanal fishermen so highly depend on. In addition, being among the fastest growing “reef building” coral species in our oceans, they have been playing a significant role in reef restoration projects all over the MAR region.

Another positive aspect of this dive site is the high possibility of spotting gray reef sharks which are readily seen in the areas surrounding Cordelia Banks.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

In May 2012, the Honduran government designated Cordelia Banks as a Site of Wildlife Importance. Because of its great value not only for tourism but also for the marine ecosystem, touching, removing anything to take as a souvenir, or any other type of abuse, is completely prohibited.

Recreational Opportunities Available

On this site you can enjoy excellent diving and snorkeling. This dive site is surrounded by an abundance and rarely seen corals in the Caribbean. Here you will be able to view schools of southern sennet, impressive large aggregations of anemones, as well as a growing area of groupers and snappers and other macro organisms.


Weather permitting.

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None. Price depends on the tour operator.

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