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Roatan is the largest and most internationally recognized island within the Bay Islands. With an extension of close to 64 kilometers (40 miles) in length, it is surrounded by over 97 kilometers (60 miles) of living reef, giving rise to some of the most spectacular underwater seascapes this part of the Caribbean has to offer. Add the healthiest coral reefs in the region plus an abundance of tropical marine life and Roatan earns that well deserved reputation as a divers’ and snorkelers’ paradise, with dozens of world-class dive sites to choose from, most of which are in very close proximity to the island and readily accessible through numerous tour operators.

Venture on the road less traveled and enjoy the seclusion of Camp Bay beach in the East end. – Manlio Martinez

Today, tourism has overtaken commercial fishing as Roatan's top industry, growing exponentially amidst cruise ship visitors, diving enthusiasts, and an expat community attracted to a large second home market. The west side of Roatan, stands out as the main tourism hub of the island where the majority of tourism related activities take place, most notably in West Bay, where you can find high end hotels and restaurants sitting pretty a top a powdery white-sand beach, and West End village, a seaside town which main strip comes alive with an assortment of bars and restaurants offering a wide selection of international and ethnic cuisine, in addition to local street food.

The east side of Roatan is still new to tourism, which means that there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered so we invite you to head east, take in the natural scenery at the mangroves in Jonesville Point, avoid the crowds in the secluded beach of Camp Bay, and explore the towns of Punta Gorda, Jonesville, and Oakridge, remote destinations which offer truly authentic and memorable island experiences many of which can only be found on this part of the island.