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Mary's Place, Roatan

Diving Area
Juvenile drum fish. – Manlio Martinez

Mary’s Place is one of Roatan's most renowned dive sites, located in the south side of the island close to the town of French Harbour, near an area known as Brick Bay. It is by far the most recognizable dive site in all of Roatan made famous by its impressive vertical crevices formed by ancient volcanic activity which reach depths of up to 120 feet / 36 meters. At one point Mary’s Place experimented such a heavy influx of diver traffic that visitation had to be restricted in order to relieve pressure on the area.

The site consists of a triangular plateau which starts off at the buoy at about 30 feet / 9 meters and descends gradually towards the vertex of the triangle at about 60 feet / 18 meters. The main attraction at Mary’s Place are the deep crevices which cut diagonally across the triangular formation luring thousands of divers each year who are eager to swim through its intricate system of narrow cracks and fissures.

Plantlike colonies of bushy and feather black coral as well as wire coral protrude and adorn the walls as you swim through the crevices. You can find large concentrations of azure vase sponges on the southern tip in addition to large barrel sponges and gorgonians throughout the entire site. Very large bearded fire worms as well as juvenile spotted drum fish are also readily seen.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Due to its popularity, this dive site receives heavy diver traffic, so precautions need to be taken to minimize diver impact on the area. Only one boat per buoy is allowed, so if the buoy is occupied a drift dive should be made. Divers should always exercise proper buoyancy control, there should never be any touching, grabbing or poking of marine life. Nothing should be removed from the ocean or taken as a souvenir. Lead by example and follow these guidelines to reduce your footprint on Roatan’s precious coral reefs.

Recreational Opportunities Available

This site is better fitted for advanced level divers due to its depth and sections of the crevices where you find coral and rock overhangs which limit direct ascent to the surface. Good buoyancy control is also required due to the narrow crevices. Good visibility allows for non-divers to snorkel in the area.


Weather permitting.

Seasons Open

Year Round.


N/A; it depends on the dive shop.

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