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Lobster City, French Cay, Roatan

Protected Area
Multiple spiny lobsters populate this area. – Manlio Martinez

Lobster City is an extensive body of water located on the south side of Roatan in the area of French Cay. It is a stretch of shallow ocean that extends from the shoreline all the way out to the reef wall. Here you can find large patches of sand and small clusters of coral reef with big colonies of spiny lobster and other gorgeous marine animals living in the area. You will also find postcard worthy panoramic views of Big and Little French Cays surrounded by beautiful blue and turquoise hues above and below the horizon. There is amazing visibility and given that the waters are not too deep, the area becomes a great spot to go snorkeling. Large sting rays, barracudas, puffer fish, sea turtles, multiple spiny lobsters, conch, and other reef dwellers are easily spotted.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Lobster City is a coastal area which has been adopted by the local community. Leading the way is Mr. Sherman Arch and his family, who together with a group of close knit residents, neighbors, friends and relatives, came to the realization that this area was being threatened by environmental degradation and illegal poaching and needed to be protected in order to have the marine life thrive and return to the way it used to be when they were young. Through the help of volunteers and visitor's donations, they help patrol the area to prevent poachers from picking lobsters and conch.

The community has played an important role in insuring the sustainability of Lobster City, also receiving support from the Roatan Marine Park and other important stakeholders like hotels and tour operators that operate in the area.

Recreational Opportunities Available

Snorkeling and kayaking.


Seasons Accessible

All year long, weather permitting.


Voluntary donations.

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