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Lighthouse Trail, Big Island, Cayos Cochinos, Roatan, Honduras

Hiking Trail
Path / Sendero El Faro-Cayo Mayor – Fco Cabañas

The Lighthouse Natural Trail is located in the Lighthouse Marine Natural Monument of Cayos Cochinos, one of the jewels of the of Honduras' Bay Islands. A model of protected areas and conservation management, the monument consists of two wooded islands: Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor. Cayo Mayor, the most mountainous of the two, has an area of 1.55 square kilometers (.60 square miles), is surrounded by nine small keys.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Walks are conducted by a mandatory naturalist guide with a maximum of 12 people per group. Larger groups may be split into sub-groups. If interested in a walking tour, please contact a Cayos Cochinos Marine Natural Monument Protection staff before you visit the trail. If you are interested in going alone, please contact the staff of the Research Station at Cayo Menor.

Recreational Opportunities Available

The Lighthouse Trail starts at the Garifuna community of East End on Cayo Mayor, the largest island in the Cayos Cochinos Natural Marine Monument. This trail allows you the experience of walking through a secondary forest with diverse flora and fauna. Some of the fauna includes reptiles such as the pink boa, mammals such as agouti and many different species of birds. From the highest point of the key (approximately 150 meters/490 feet), you can enjoy scenic views of the area.


The lighthouse path is accessible to visitors at any time of the day. However, it is not recommended after 4:00 p.m. as you will not be able to fully experience the natural beauty that is revealed in daylight. Dense vegetation can hinder movement at night and may also alter the behavioral patterns of nocturnal wildlife.

Seasons Open

The trail is open to visitors throughout the year, but during the winter season - from October to January - the soil becomes wet and can hinder your walk.


The cost of admission varies depending on the season. Consult with local guides and East End staff at the Cayos Cochinos Foundation "HCRF" or at the Research Station.

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