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Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide


The aim of this guide is to inform retailers, restaurants and consumers how to select responsible seafood choices. This guide provides recommendations and information that will help people make informed decisions about what seafood to eat. The recommendations presented by this guide are aimed at steering people away from seafood that is at risk from overfishing and the negative effects associated with it.


Follow the traffic light system:

  • Green = Best Choices
  • Yellow = Choices with Caution
  • Red = Avoid or Ilegal

Quick Facts

Minimum length

  • Lobster: 5.5' / 14cm (law)
  • Barracuda 36' / 91 cm (law)

Closed Seasons

  • Lobster: Mar 1st - June 31st (law)
  • Conch: Mar 1st - June 31st (law)