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Barbareta Marine Park, Nature Reserve and Bird Refuge, Isla Barbareta, Roatan, Honduras

Protected Area
The Cay / El cayo – Chris Benson

The government of Honduras has declared Barbareta Island a marine park, nature reserve, and bird refuge. Situated east of Roatan Island, you can book an excursion or arrange a dive trip there through one of the many tour companies, water taxis, or dive centers round on the discover places map.

You can have a picnic on a beautiful key just off Barbareta Island, just make sure everyone picks up their litter in order to leave the island better off than when they arrived.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Pick up your litter after discarding on hotel property and at the cay. Recycle soda cans, beer bottles, and water bottles. In our conservation movement here we respect the area in and around Roatan. The protection of the reef here is strictly enforced within this Protected Marine Park and Zone. Resorts must abide by this rule and visitors too by law. Water and energy conservation efforts are posted and encouraged in each and every guest room of all hotels. Endangered species like Sea Turtles, Conch, Grouper, and Spiny Lobster are protected and you should avoid purchasing these for food. We encourage tourists at the Roatan Marine Park to avoid purchasing jewelry, or souvenirs made from these endangered species and from corals as well.

The trip from the resort to the Marine Park is breathtakingly beautiful. Due to the exceptional beauty of the reef surrounding the Pristine East End of Roatan you should be motivated to leave this place a little better off than when you arrived. Geo-tourists do this just before leaving the key and heading back to their resort by boat. The beauty of this marine park speaks for itself and what you give back by cleaning up after yourself is the best way to thank the Earth, as you leave a lasting green footprint for the good of the oceans.

Recreational Opportunities Available

Snorkeling, sightseeing, and adventure as you sail through mangrove canals of the East End of Roatan; eco-friendly picnicking, observing the variety and species of reef formations that abound as well as sea creatures.


Seasons Accessible

All seasons, weather permitting since the seas can get very rough off the Honduran coast and around the Bay Islands.