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Banana Donut Guy

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson
Manlio Martinez

His name is Milton Herrera Romero but everyone knows him as Banana Donut Guy. He is a donut vendor that moves around the West Bay area. He is easy to find, just look for his trademark straw hat, white beard, and melodic voice calling out the words “Banaaaana Donuts”. He sells fresh sugarcoated donuts to the multiple beachgoers vacationing in this part of Roatan.

He has become a prominent West Bay personality with his extroverted but well-mannered demeanor. He enjoys making new friends while he is selling his world famous banana donuts. Very popular amongst repeat customers visiting West Bay, he even has T-shirts that were designed personally for him by one of his Canadian fans, which are for sale at So Tropic in the West Bay Mall. He even has a theme song on YouTube too (click on link in the photo section). There is also the rumor that there is a poster of Banana Donut Guy at the Montreal airport inviting travelers to come down to Roatan and try his outstanding donuts.

His donuts occasionally vary in taste with the addition of seasonal fruit like mango or pineapple, not to mention rum, coffee and chocolate. These soft texture donuts are made with special care by his wife, and are prepared hygienically with the use of 14 different ingredients, including ripe banana, coconut milk, and a light coating of sugar.

Look for Banana Donut Guy in West Bay Beach from around 10:30am until noon, while returning at 3:00pm until the sun sets or until he runs out of donuts. Seldom he moves on to West End, the Port of Roatan, or the airport when it is slow season on the island.

Prices for his donuts are USD $2.00 per donut.

or, the special price of 3 donuts for USD $5.00.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

He uses locally sourced fruits as ingredients.

He has become a prominent figure representing West Bay, Roatan.

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