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Aegis - All Natural

Conservation Action
Aegis all natural Sol-Screen. Good for your mind, body, and soul. – Matt Lazich

Aegis all natural product line was born on the little Caribbean island of Roatan nestled in the turquoise waters of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Aegis brand was inspired by the goal to protect the pristine Mesoamerican reef at our doorstep & the travelers that came here to appreciate it. There was an opportunity in the Bay Islands to provide all natural skincare options that protect us from Mother Nature’s elements without adding more chemicals or pesticides to our ocean. Aegis, pronounced /’ējis/ literally means shield in Greek mythology.

Aegis is insect repellent, first & foremost, one of its key ingredients is lemon eucalyptus essential oil. There has been a pair of recent studies that found lemon eucalyptus can be equally or even more effective at warding off mosquitoes than DEET. Some of the other oils that keep a variety of insects away including those pesky sand flies are peppermint, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, & tea tree. Many of these essential oils have a number of other practical purposes that add more uses such as; cooling you off on a hot day, soothing a sunburn, healing minor cuts & scrapes, taking away the itch from a bite, or even taking the pain away after a jellyfish sting.

Some of our other ingredients like locally sourced coconut oil from Flowers Bay, rose water, & witch hazel add to its unique & pleasing aroma with added benefits for your skin. These natural components of Aegis protect, moisturize, & have antibacterial, antiseptic & stimulating properties.

Aegis insect repellent is in a conveniently sized 80mL bottle that fits in your beach bag & can travel easily on your next trip. It is made from aluminum & can be saved & reused by refilling at one of our many refill stations such as the Roatan Marine Park, Waves of Art, Fresh bakery, Roatan Oasis Restaurant, and Puerta Azul. The large recycled glass wine bottles are also available for purchase. They can refill your Aegis spray bottle up to seven times & you can feel good that you are not creating any trash to add to our tiny landfill here in Roatan.

Our newest creation is Aegis Sol-screen. It is the first & only all natural sunscreen made in Roatan! We have combined a number of different plant & mineral based ingredients that contain a natural SPF (sun protection factor) ranging from SPF 4 to 50 with an estimated average of SPF 15-25. Again we are using aluminum tins (not plastic!) loaded with tons of good things for your skin like local coconut oil & soon will be incorporating local beeswax from Corozal. Aegis sunscreen is in a solid state when kept cool but will melt onto your skin like a body butter or pomade. As with any sunscreen it should be partially water resistant but with excessive water exposure it should be reapplied often to maintain its effectiveness. You’ll feel good knowing you’re protecting yourself, our precious coral reef, and the environment for our future generations.

Aegis all natural hand crafted products are perfect for every nature enthusiast & outdoor activities such as diving, snorkeling, boating, hiking.

Find our products at the following local retailers:

Roatan Marine Park Store, West End

Roatan Oasis Restaurant, WE

Waves of Art, WE

The Beach House Boutique Hotel, WE

Chili’s/Native Son’s, WE

Bayside Souvenirs, WE

Ginger’s Caribbean Grill, WE

Fresh Bakery, Gibson Bight

Tranquil Seas Eco-resort, Sandy Bay

Puerta Azul Boutique Hotel, SB

Ibagari Boutique Hotel, Tamarind Dr

LALA’s Gallery & Garden Café, West Bay

So Tropic, WB Mall

Bananarama, WB

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