Waves of Art Gallery and Gifts, West End, Roatan, Honduras

Waves of Art Gift Shop is located in West End Village on Roatan Island in Honduras. It's brightly painted facade stands out along the beach side town and is a visual temptation for shoppers, tourists, and cruise ship tours. 

Regularly scheduled Art shows and Art Exhibitions offer the Roatan community and visiting tourists an opportunity to see what island artists are creating. Unique and affordable gifts include folk art, hand made items that support fair trade organizations, eco-sustainable products and local artisan coops. Our inventory is varied and every handmade item connects the shopper to the beautiful region of Central America.

Waves of Art Gallery and Gift Shop offers tourists and cruise-shippers a unique experience that combines island fine art, excellent quality gifts, and a relaxed shopping experience in an air conditioned space.

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Latitude: 16.304468 Longitude: -86.593806 Elevation: 29 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Michele Braun

Hours Open

Monday - Wednesday: 9:00am -6:00pm.

Thursday - Friday: 9:00am -8:00pm.

Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm.

Sunday: Closed.

Seasons Open


Admission Fee (if any)

No entrance fees.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

  • Waves of Art specializes and focuses on gifts that promote eco-friendly and eco-sustainable products that are hand made by socially and environmentally conscious artists.
  • Use biodegradable Cassava bags.

  • Repurpose bags made from old textiles and fabrics.

  • Recycling Cans and Plastic Bottles.

  • 80% LED lighting.

  • The focus of the store is to support Central American craftsman and local island artists. The Gallery provides a venue for local artists from Roatan to showcase and promote their work.
  • Many of the products sold in Waves of Art have been developed with the help of Michele Braun, the store buyer. With over 24 years experience in the retail business in Honduras, she utilizes her studies as a fine artist combined with a passion for developing products that are both beautiful and carry a concept of social awareness and eco-sustainability. Her success in product development has allowed her the pleasure to form many strong ties and relationships with artists, woman's cooperatives and craftsman. Together they have created Waves of Art, a store where everything on the shelves tells a story.


Awesome job Michele. Well done. So proud of you my friend.

averyl morris, 7/6/2012

Perfectly described! It is a beautiful place! Congratulations Michele!

Annie Braun, 7/6/2012

A must see on your visit to The Bay Islands. Beautiful artwork by some great artists.

Louise Bromley, 8/9/2012

Waves of Art is a powerful ambassador for local artisans and craftsmen. The items on display and for sale are curated with great care and tell a compelling story about the unique beauty of the region.

Jim Fischer, 8/9/2012

Its a fabulous gallery, an absolute must go to when in roatan, still 8 years later, its an all time favorite of mine, awesome job, Michele

debbie sanders, 8/9/2012

You cant miss stopping by Waves of Art! Best place to buy local crafts and hand made art in Roatan! Great selection from indigenous communities in Honduras.I highly recommend it!! =)

Andrea Rivera, 8/12/2012

A beautiful gallery with inviting colors which draw you into the world of local artists and which transform you back in time to the wonderful period of such artists as Piscasso and Gauguin.

Gary Pietrzak, 2/1/2013

A beautiful gallery of warm and inviting colors which draw you into the world of local artists and which transform you back in time to the wonderful period of such artists as Gauguin and Picasso.

Gary Pietrzak, 2/1/2013

Michele - beautiful site (especially the dolfin kiss." I can't call you to find out you're doing and my new apple computer is actin funky so I can't email you. I f you keep putting things like this - I can make comments but you can't get back to me. WHAT DO WE DO? I miss you so much...

Sally, 7/26/2018

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