Recycling Project for a Green and Clean Island, Roatan, Honduras

The Cervecería Hondureña in conjunction with Roatan Marine Park, ZOLITUR, the Municipality of Roatan, BICA (Bay Island Conservation Agency), CORINSA, Sun Water Corporation and Plaza Mar among others have joined in the fight to recycle the plastic that is imported to the beautiful island of Roatan to help in the conservation of the environment and our coral reefs.

The project is intended to include the entire island community by providing Roatan schools with environmental education. By educating the children this knowledge will transfer to their parents, friends and family about the responsibility we all have to care for our environment and our planet.

Every year the project makes a Green Festival which involves the public and private schools in "Beach Cleanups" awareness on the environment and ways of recycling, reuse workshops to show how to recycle products and transform them into works of art and support other green projects on the island.

Currently the project is negotiating with supermarkets on the island to put by their cash registers unique Green Bags that customers can buy instead of using plastic bags at the checkout.

We are also about to open an ecological football field. The walls were constructed using plastic bottles filled with sand. This project was carried out by the young Balfate community, in Sandy Bay.

The project has created a small business to assist in the picking of solid waste, educate the population on on-site separation and create a solid waste collection logistics program for waste at home. We support the health and welfare of the people who collect this waste from municipal landfills. Similarly we offer micro-enterprises assistance in creating new jobs.

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Latitude: 16.383333 Longitude: -86.4 Elevation: 277 ft
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Dates for Opportunity

8/14/2012 – 8/17/2012

Ages this Opportunity is Appropriate for

Children from 7 up to 40 age

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