Native Sons Dive Shop, West End, Roatan, Honduras

Native Sons was set up in 1993 by Alvin Jackson, a native islander and was the realization of a life-long dream. He started scuba diving in 1973 after growing up free diving to help feed his family. Having worked for many years as an instructor and assistant manager at the world renowned Anthony’s Key Resort and designed and managed the dive facility at Bay Island Beach Resort, Alvin knows the importance of good service and safety in the tourist and dive industry. He is a local diving legend and very few others share his knowledge of the reef around the island. He designed and made both the boats Native Sons now uses. Alvin is the president of the Roatan Marine Park and very dedicated to preserving Roatan’s fragile environment.

Michele Akel, known to many as Mish, came to Roatan, from London, England, in 1996 on holiday and did her Open Water Course with Alvin. On day two she lay on the bow of the boat and dreamed of staying on Roatan for ever and hoped Alvin would become part of the dream. She did and he has! After completing her divemaster course she started working for Native Sons and became an instructor in 1997. She and Alvin now run the diveshop and Hotel Chillies together. Mish goes out diving at least once a week to take underwater photos and is fascinated by the beauty and diversity of the reef and the creatures that live there. She is also on the board of the Roatan Marine Park.

Alvin and Mish have 2 children, Teo and Maia, and Alvin’s son Kfer also spends a lot of time with them. They are all very keen divers and hope to one day take over the shop.

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Latitude: 16.306682 Longitude: -86.592528 Elevation: 23 ft
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Michele akel

Recreational Opportunities Available

We provide from a half day program for everybody who loves the water to start with Discover Scuba Diving and we can take you to a Rescue Diver or  Dive master.

Fun dives 3 times a day and night dives at least once a week.

Dive day trips to Cayos, Morat Wall and Utila.

Native Sons have  some of the best diving in the world taking you to wrecks, caverns, canyons, overhangs and underwater scenery that will take your breath away. At Roatan we have plenty of turtles, rays, dolphins, eels and king crabs, a huge variety of fish life and lots of really healthy coral. 

We often organize trips to Mary’s Place, probably the most famous divesite on Roatan and to our new wreck, a 97 meters (320 feet) cargo ship recently sunk just east of the reserve. On a two week dive holiday, you won't need to repeat a dive site.

Hours Open

8am - 5pm

Seasons Open

All year

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Alvin Jackson, the owner, is the president of the board of directors of the Roatan Marine Park. He is passionate about conservation both in the way he runs his business and in his life outside of work, limiting rain runoff into the sea, always keeping his boat engine immaculate to stop oil leakage, very active in recycling around the property, conserving water, never using plastic bags or accepting drinks in plastic bottles.


Alvin and Mish have built a fantastic dive business that is very professional, hospitable and down to earth friendly! My wife Rachael and I have visited the island two years in a row diving and staying at Native Son's and their rental property Chili's. We will visit again and without a doubt stay and dive with them again. We have talked many times about conservation and Alvin has a great passion for his Island. He has what it takes to make a difference and has already. During our first visit in 2011 he was hand making recycle bins for plastic bottles for his property and some for West End too. The next year we heard talk around the island that he would boat out to Pigeon Ceyes (I believe that to be the correct name) and clean them up by hauling litter in his boat back to the dump. Quite dedicated for such a busy family man! My hat is off to Alvin and Mish at Native Son's

Bill Ferguson , 4/9/2013

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