Lighthouse Reef Night Dive, West End, Roatan, Honduras

Experience the exquisite display of hundreds of bio-luminescent ostracods ascending to surface and signalling to find mates. Visible when both the sun and moon are not lighting up the night sky. After this, tour around the reef to find lobsters, crabs, nudibranchs and other nocturnal reef creatures. This is a must-do night dive for those certified in Night Diving and visiting West End.  

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Latitude: 16.312667 Longitude: -86.593181
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Recreational Opportunities Available

Nightly, one boat is allowed on this mooring. Please contact local dive shops for scheduling and to request this site.

Hours Open

Evening, just after dusk.

Seasons Open


Admission Fee (if any)

Contact local dive shops in West End to inquire about Night Diving fees.

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

This site is a part of the Roatan Marine Park and is protected under its rules and regulations.

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