Haliburton Wreck, Utila

This hauntingly beautiful cargo ship was sunk in the 90's after its useful life had run its course. In order to give it renewed purpose the local community gathered to find it a new home as an artificial reef. Thus one of Utila's favourite dive sites was born, and a new reef sprung from the ship's structure. 

The Haliburton Wreck lies at exactly 30m, or 100 feet. Because it was lowered carefully, the ship remains intact and sits upright on the sand. It boasts 3 different levels that rise above the hollow cargo area. At the very top you will find the wheelhouse, a favourite spot for divers to swim through and be surrounded by many different fish. It is the perfect wreck for beginners who are exploring these depths for the first time or for experienced divers keen on practicing their wreck penetration skills. 

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Latitude: 16.085436 Longitude: -86.896933

Recreational Opportunities Available

Diving: recommended you are trained as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver or equivalent due to depth.

Free diving: recommended only if properly trained and using safety and other necessary equipment.

Seasons Accessible

Year round

Fees (if any)

Contact your preferred Dive Center for diving opportunities and prices.


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