East Side Scenic Route, Santos Guardiola, Roatan, Honduras

This scenic drive starts at the Roadside Monument and Lookout in Santos Guardiola and ends at the Eastside Lookout Point. The winding route hugs the island ridge and provides stunning views of both the North and South side of the island's lush jungle, turquoise waters, and reef strewn surf. 

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Latitude: 16.392323 Longitude: -86.3948 Elevation: 304 ft
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Recreational Opportunities Available

Take stunning pictures along this route or just enjoy the ride. Stop at one of the many quaint East Side towns, go for a swim or a great bite to eat. This route covers the road from the boundary of Santos Guardiola to the Easternmost point of Roatan.

Seasons Open


Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

Excursions to the East side of Roatán support small local communities in this remote and peaceful area.

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