Bay Islands Voice, Roatan, Honduras

Bay Islands Voice, and its subsidiary Compass Maps, publishes information, maps and travel guides for the Bay Islands of Honduras. From 2003 to 2014 the company published a monthly news and features magazine for the islands. It has produced tourist maps for Roatan and Utila since 2007 and a Bay Islands Business Directory, the "Voice Book," since 2009.

The company's latest project is a mobile phone application -- the "Roatan Map app" --  that was launched in March 2016. The app combines the content from the popular guide maps and business directory into a comprehensive information resource both for visitors to Roatan and for residents. Future plans for the app include periodic news feeds of the sort of material that used to appear in the Voice magazine. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or accessed on the web at:

The Voice supports and encourages programs that strengthen the sense of pride and community on the Bay Islands and show alternatives to the islands’ youth. It does this both through its reporting and also through direct sponsorship and internships.


Latitude: 16.312193 Longitude: -86.583074 Elevation: 59 ft
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