Argentinian Grill

Founded in 2001, the Argentinian Grill is just one of a handful of restaurants in Roatan that serve their guests in two of the most emblematic tourist destinations in the entire island. The first locale can be found across the street from Half Moon Bay Beach in West End – there you will find the original Argentinian Grill, the one with the more rustic construction. Opening its doors in 2012, you have the second Argentinian Grill, a contemporary version with a more modern decor located beachfront in the exclusive area of West Bay Beach. They both share the same delicious menu from the same chef straight from Argentina.

The outdoor seating is perfect if you want to be amazed by Roatan’s stunning ocean views, so come and enjoy a relaxed dining experience for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and/or dinner, in the restaurant of your choice. They both come with a beautiful beach, and a great selection of food styles that include steakhouse, seafood, homemade pastas, and vegetarian meals, not to mention a wide selection of wines, desserts and hot and cold beverages.

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Latitude: 16.307027 Longitude: -86.592419 Elevation: 27 ft
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Specialities and Highlights

Both locations share the same menu and specialize in grilled cuisine, imported Argentinian meat cuts such as Skirt Steak, Beef Sirloin Flap, and Strip Steak, in addition to pork, chicken, and home made chorizo. Caribbean styled seafood – appropriately prepared on the grill, is also found in their cart du jour. Some of the most popular items include Beef Tenderloin, Fillet Mignon, and Grilled Lobster Tail. The menu also features pastas, vegetarian dishes, continental and Honduran typical breakfasts, and a sweet selection of delicious desserts. Everything is freshly made including the bread. They carry an exquisite selection of Argentinian wines, from Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, to Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, plus a wide variety of refreshing cocktails.   

Apart from the a la carte menu, they also publish daily specials on their Facebook page such as the Island King Crab, which of course, is also prepared on the grill.

Walk-ins are welcome, it is good for groups, good for kids, and waiter service is available.

Hours Open

Tuesday to Sunday West End: 8:00am - 10:00pm

Monday to Sunday West Bay: 7:00am - 10:00pm (check Facebook page)

Seasons Open

Year Round

(The West End location closes between September and October for vacations and maintenance - Check Facebook page for more details.)

Price Style for this Establishment

USD $10.00 - $30.00

Actions taken to promote environmental or social sustainability

The Argentinian Grill is a proud member of the Bay Islands Responsible Seafood Guide and follows their guidelines when serving seafood.

Utilize LED lights.

Recycle plastic bottles.

No Smoking is allowed in the restaurant so there is no risk of cigarette butts going into ocean.

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Contact Information

The Argetinian Grill
(504)9769-6862 cel. (Fax)
Location 1:West End Across the street from Half Moon Bay, next to Woody’s
West End, Roatan, IB 34101 HN
The Argetinian Grill
(504) 2445-4385
(504) 9769-6862 Cel. (Fax)
Location 2: West Bay beachside between Beacher’s and Henry Morgan
West Bay, Roatan, IB 34101 HN


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