Arch's Iguana and Marine Park, French Cay, Roatan

Arch's Iguana and Marine Park is a local family run operation dedicated to the preservation of some of Roatan's most emblematic but over exploited wildlife. Led by Mr. Sherman Arch, the head of a local family from French Cay, they have made it their mission to educate the local community, as well as tourists and visitors that come to the island, about the importance of protecting Roatan's most vulnerable species as well as the natural habitats where they thrive. Strong focus is placed on the iguana, in particular, the green iguana, and the spiny tailed black iguana (also known locally as wishiwilly and/or garrobo), which have long been hunted for thier flesh, skin, and eggs. These types of iguana, are classified as endangered species, with the spiny tailed black iguana classified as critically endangered, given that it is high on the list of poachers who hunt them for human consumption. Arch's iguana park has become a sanctuary of sorts for both of these peaceful and beautiful species, with numbers exceeding 3,000 plus specimens. Their efforts not only extend to the protection of species above ground like the iguana, macaws, and monkeys, but also underwater, with a marina within the property which was built as a safe haven for tarpon fish rescued from a man made beach that was being created in the area.


Latitude: 16.35691 Longitude: -86.441239 Elevation: 21 ft
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Manlio Martinez

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It's about time the Arches get some attention (and hopefully support) from the global community for the critical work they are doing. They are not only single-handedly protecting the iguana and tarpon, but the lobster and conch that are being over-fished, and risking their lives to do so (ask Sherman why he walks with a limp sometime). I really hope everyone who gets a chance to visit and see what he is doing will consider supporting his efforts financially (He will never ask for a dime from anyone, but could really use help to upgrade his place.).

Laura Pinho, 4/18/2015

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