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The Bay Islands archipelago is home to the Bay Islands National Marine Park (BINMP), a marine protected area (MPA) located in the Bay Islands of Honduras, declared a protected area by Decree by the National Congress of the Republic of Honduras on June 10, 2010. The BINMP has a surface extension of 6,471.53 km2. This Park protects a significant sample of the MAR ecosystem (Mesoamerican Reef System) that is severely threatened by global impacts such as climate change and pollution from terrestrial sources. The habitats protected by the BINMP are the basis of the tourism and fishing economy of the communities that inhabit the Bay Islands. This marine protected area extends over the Islands of Roatán, Útila and Guanaja.

Activities not allowed inside the park:

  • Anchoring on coral reefs and seagrass beds
  • Circulation of boats at speeds greater than 20 knots
  • Cutting, felling, burning or filling in mangrove forests
  • Extraction and trade of shells, corals, sea cucumbers, starfish, sea urchins, sea horses, sea fans, marine sponges, turtles, sharks and their by-products
  • Harpoon fishing
  • Fishing herbivorous reef fish
  • Fishing or hunting of threatened or endangered species
  • Capturing of conch
  • Capture and commercialization of Spiny Lobster
  • Circulation of boats within delimited swimming areas
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